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Collect phone numbers and memories, not cars.

Mike and Matt started Modified Luxury Autos because they were tired of looking to buy or sell Exotics luxury car, SUV And motorcycles that are modified or even special. They got tired of them blending in with the norm.
So Modified Luxury was Born. Why not stand out. Why be punished for having something most owners want anyway. Unrestricted vehicles at times are the best.


Most people want the exhausts, turbo, superchargers, wheels, downpipes tunes, sometimes lifts, wheels and tires or even paint or a wrap. Why pay to to make it back stock or why take a loss because you added exhaust. Makes no damn sense.


So standout buy or sell with like minded people that want the best of the best. After all you think Enzo Ferrari said stock is the way to go? You Think the engineers at Lamborghini said hey you know what’s cool a restricted exhaust and a car that looks and sounds like all the others. Hell no these babies are built to add power and drive the shit out of them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, buyers can browse car listings at no charge. Memberships are only required for sellers.

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Listing durations vary by listing package used, but we offer listing timeframes of 30,60, and 90 day terms.

We’re offering an introductory price to our individual sellers starting at $199 for 30 days.

Dealerships receive a bulk discount pricing for their packages. You can get a list of available packages by clicking on ‘Add Listing’ once you’ve logged in.

We strive to only approve the best luxury, exotic and modified cars. This isn’t a site for the average car. We are here to provide a unique place for cars dealers and individuals alike – but keep in mind, we will only list heavily modified vehicles and/or stock exotics.

Your car listing is subject to approval before it goes live. 

Buy and sell modified exotics, luxury cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. Standout with like-minded people that want the best of the best.
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